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Weatherization Assistance Program

The State of Wisconsin’s Weatherization Assistance Program (Weatherization) helps 澳门网上棋牌网址homeowners and renters reduce energy consumption while increasing the comfort of their 澳门网上棋牌网址homes and lowering utility bills. If you or your household has qualified for the Wisconsin 澳门网上棋牌网址home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) within the past year you may also be eligible to receive Weatherization services. Weatherization services, provided at no cost for qualifying households, differ with each 澳门网上棋牌网址home depending on various factors, for example when the 澳门网上棋牌网址home was built and its condition.

Some of the Weatherization measures may include:

Insulation of attic, walls, and floors
Replacement water heater
Installation of energy efficient lighting
Reduction in air leakage
Repairs to or replacement of heating system
Replacement refrigerator and/or deep freezer
A health and safety inspection
Information about maintenance and energy conservation services

Partners for Community Development, Inc. is the agency that provides Weatherization measures for customers of Manitowoc Public Utilities. If you are interested in learning more or would like to see if you qualify for the program please contact Partners for Community Development, Inc. at 920.459.2780 or visit their website at  Links to informative brochures can be accessed below:

Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-English 
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-Spanish 
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-Hmong
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-Mobile 澳门网上棋牌网址homes
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-Landlords
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-Application