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Incentives & Programs

MPU is excited to offer the following incentives & programs for 2020!

LED Light Bulb Rebate Program (January 1 - December 31, 2020)

MPU is continuing the popular LED lightbulb rebate program for 2020.  This program is only available to RESIDENTIAL electric customers of MPU. LED light bulbs used for general lighting purposes (40-100 watt equivalent) are eligible for this rebate; decorative and holiday lights are not eligible. The rebate amount is limited to a maximum of $20 per customer household. There is no limit on the number of bulbs or the cost of bulbs. The rebate will appear as a credit on your utility bill, exclusive of sales tax.  Click on the link below to download the rebate request form.
LED Light Bulb Rebate Request Form - 2020 Program

Appliance Recycling Program (January 1 - December 15, 2020)***

The Appliance Recycling Program can help lower your energy use, reduce your energy bills and keep harmful materials out of landfills.  Focus on Energy offers free pickup and recycling services for refrigerators or freezers.  Get more information by viewing this form.

Interested customers should contact Focus on Energy to schedule a pick up date for qualifying appliances. Appliances must be in working order, clean, and empty, with an inside measurement of between 10 to 30 cubic feet– standard size for household refrigerators or freezers. There must be a clear and safe removal path. There is a limit of two appliances per household per calendar year.

Schedule your free pickup today by visiting or calling 800.762.7077.

***Focus on Energy will no longer be scheduling new appliance pickup appointments as of 12/15/2020. All appliances must be picked up by 1/22/2021. Please note that due to continued high incidences of COVID-19 in Wisconsin, appliance pickups are required to be outdoor only. Focus on Energy staff will be unable to enter 澳门网上棋牌网址homes to retrieve appliances.

Appliance Incentive Rebate Program (January 1 - December 31, 2020)

MPU is also continuing a program for Residential customers looking to upgrade their appliances!  The Appliance Incentive Rebate Program can help lower your energy use, reduce your energy bills, and protect the environment.  Receive a $50 incentive when purchasing an Energy Star approved appliance, or, receive a $100 incentive when purchasing an appliance rated in the lowest quadrant of the Estimated Yearly Energy Cost section on the Energy Guide label.  Click the link below to learn more about this program.
Appliance Incentive Rebate Program - 2020

Weatherization Assistance Program

The State of Wisconsin’s Weatherization Assistance Program (Weatherization) helps 澳门网上棋牌网址homeowners and renters reduce energy consumption while increasing the comfort of their 澳门网上棋牌网址homes and lowering utility bills. If you or your household has qualified for the Wisconsin 澳门网上棋牌网址home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP) within the past year you may also be eligible to receive Weatherization services. Weatherization services, provided at no cost for qualifying households, differ with each 澳门网上棋牌网址home depending on various factors, for example when the 澳门网上棋牌网址home was built and its condition.

Some of the Weatherization measures may include:
Insulation of attic, walls, and floors
Replacement water heater
Installation of energy efficient lighting
Reduction in air leakage
Repairs to or replacement of heating system
Replacement refrigerator and/or deep freezer
A health and safety inspection
Information about maintenance and energy conservation services

Partners for Community Development, Inc. is the agency that provides Weatherization measures for customers of Manitowoc Public Utilities. If you are interested in learning more or would like to see if you qualify for the program please contact Partners for Community Development, Inc. at 920.459.2780 or visit their website at  Links to informative brochures can be accessed below:

Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-English 
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-Spanish 
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program-Hmong
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program - Mobile 澳门网上棋牌网址homes
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program - Landlords
Brochure - Wisconsin Weatherization Assistance Program Application

Energy Efficiency Shared Savings Loan Program

MPU is excited to introduce the Shared Savings Loan Program which will provide low interest rate loans to new and existing utility commercial customers for installing energy efficient electrical equipment.  Download the brochure below to learn more about this program!
Shared Savings Loan Program Brochure

Focus on Energy Programs

Focus on Energy works with eligible Wisconsin businesses and residents to install cost effective energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Focus information, resources and financial incentives help to implement projects that otherwise would not be completed, or to complete projects sooner than scheduled. Its efforts help Wisconsin businesses and residents manage rising energy costs, promote in-state economic development, protect our environment and control the state's growing demand for electricity.


Renewable Choice Program

Manitowoc Public Utilities produces a majority of the electricity used in the city. We purchase the extra power we need from various sources. As a participant in the Your Renewable Choice program, you are directing Manitowoc Public Utilities to purchase the extra power we need from renewable sources only.

  • Help to speed up the process of changing over to renewable sources of electricity.
  • Invest in the future of the “green” energy industry— the more people who make Your Renewable Choice a part of their energy usage, the more power will be generated from renewable sources each month to keep up with our demand for it!

Want more info?
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